Web Design 101

I will be holding a live event tomorrow, first I will be covering the basics of website development within word press. Starting with developing a unified brand that truly represents the purpose and style of your website, think of snickers or Coca Cola. Immediately you can envision their unique logo and packaging, this is from strong branding practices with excellent marketing over time.

Secondly we will discuss how a menu SHOULD operate and the varied methods in which to choose from. Fixed menus are incredibly useful and convenient however they may enforce strict limitations on the page in other aspects. Animated elements overriding the fixed state of your menu can be chaotic and decrease the integrity of a page. All problems in the vast world of social media and digital coding generally have several solutions, it is a matter of finding the optimal solution in the least amount of time necessary.

Finally we will delve into marketing, a guide to simple marketing strategies. Utilizing tools most people already possess we will engage your network, finding customers & sales right from launch.

Web Design 101 11 AM 07/28/2021 @ Facebook ViRa GX Exclusive with Daniel Herrin

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