Dear Google, do better


Man rages against the machine

I had spent days, nay weeks dreaming of the perfect set up for my web site. I had finally scraped together enough coin to reach my dream of having a full e-commerce package via word press. Once that upgrade hit my fingers didn’t stop creating, editing, and communicating in order to reach a point of completion. However, at a certain Google intervened, see I had primary Gmail account linking all of my business services together .

This account I had for years and with my iPhone’s privacy tech was always able to keep safe and verified. Late last evening however things changed. I was pursuing my many options for how to proceed. Then suddenly, I got an alert stating my Gmail had been compromised. I had just spent well over 100 dollars initiating add campaigns and integrating fully the google business suite of services in order to launch a marketing campaign. So I let my iPhone do its automated password change to a random & complex serious of letters. I would saved via the phone which could be changed later. That was the last time I would ever access my account.

I spent 7 hours last night trying every possible solution to access the suite of tools integrated into my business. Sadly no success occurred and not one human does Google pay to intervene in these situations. If this was just a mailbox I wouldn’t care, but it is not. I invested heavily, and I I’m return have much regret. I expect some answerers. This was meant to be a happier blog those however will wait for another day. May ViRa GX adapt and overcome.

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