The power of yet


All things in life are part of an oscillating continuum of reaction. This is mirrored in phenomena as grand as the results of wall street or as minute as our personal routine. The acceptance and anticipation of such inevitable truths, are what have allowed mankind to sacrifice in a manner which creates surplus or positive byproduct. If I turned one coconut into three, I have the means for a business or a sustained livelihood assuming my process is ethical and reliably enough reproduced.

With this understood and respected then we all should be in search of meaningful production. Part of the negative side of life can be coming to terms with sustainable income that we enjoy generating. The word yet will be a powerful tool in the discovery process, and a small but subtle means to creating a constant reminder the best is yet to come.

The warmth of fire can be one of the most gratifying sensations in existence if the circumstances allow, providing the maximum amount of gratification a human can experience. Yet let’s reframing a negative situation become just part of the process, a yet at the right time creates a pathway funneled through restrictions which will be inevitable during the human experience.

By DHerrinDesigns

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