Bulls are back in charge and ADA reaches an all-time high!

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Right now the beast we all know as the crypto industry has woken from its apparently temporary slumber.

Currently, BTC is floating around 45,000 with experts projecting that in a few years it could easily be 500,000 as it is one of the last true forms of value and a rare appreciating asset class.
Right under the coattails ride two more future finance juggernauts in the form of Ethereum and  Cardano. Any wise man will have his money in all three and is hanging on for the ride!
Cardano starting 2021 at 30 cents and now floating around the 2 dollar mark is lead by one of the industry founders and staple Charles Hoskinson. His dedicated road map for a true working ecosystem while a bit longer made sure to mind its manner and handle all necessary steps forgoing immediate gains and fame for the long hard road of truth.
With Ethics and patience at the helm, my main pick is for the sure team, Cardano! Please comment and let me know your thoughts and who do you think will be one of the few left standings when the dust has settled.

Pro Tip: Harmony ONE is a great asset to transfer with due to its extremely low-cost atm. Find these sweet spots and you will save yourself a ton in gas fees!

May the Force be with us as we rip the ledgers from the hands of the corrupt and surely open a new chapter for all of humanity.
Godspeed ladies and gents.
To always my I give the glory to God, who without I would be not but dust. Thank you for everything! <3

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