Keep it simple and clean.

To develop a strong synergy within a system of functions, which most of life in my experience are in their simplest explanation. Properties acting together with harmony. We must give ourselves limitation, In the instance of graphic design at the core of the art, two strong forces exist within the artist control. These allow a flow of creation to manifest with ease. They are are symmetry and color pallets. To define a color pallet from the start of an expression allows you to set up a framework, from which the creative mind to explode upon.

Complexity in well ordered layers

Adding complexity to a page or site must be done properly. As explained it must be simple and clean so as functions are added they must always be implemented with a users needs in mind. No matter what we as developers need to always try to empathize with the people using our page and then develop solutions to issues. When things are gravy we may add on fluff and fun but make sure to always be listening for feedback and input. In my experience this is the only way to move forward with a positive momentum and a growing user base. We are building the world of tomorrow and a the digital realm may we do so with great care. <3

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