Great Starting Work

I’m using Steady to find work, earn more money and track my income.

Absolute Self Control Devotion

The power of yet

All things in life are part of an oscillating continuum of reaction. This is mirrored in phenomena as grand as the results of wall street or as minute as our personal routine. The acceptance and anticipation of such inevitable truths, are what have allowed mankind to sacrifice in a manner which creates surplus or positiveContinue reading “The power of yet”


Hi SEers! Denise here, and I’m going to talk about an exercise I did in a writing class and how it inspired new ideas. The assignment was to sit out … WRITING AND PEOPLE-WATCHING

Self love

As-salamu alaykum(Peace be upon you) Being loved by someone or love someone, both are the most beautiful feelings in this world, that’s what most … Self love

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