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Cryptocurrency Financial Consultation

With strong portfolios and firm understandings of dollar-cost averaging, your crypto investments become more of a science than a gamble. However, investing is a risk, no matter how prepared you may be. We do ask in advance that anyone investing or planning to utilize our consultation service understand this and never invest what they can not afford to lose. However compared to traditional investing the returns will be much larger and faster as this new technology is still in the very early adoption phase and it will be a new staple for humanity on an international scale.

During the consultation, we will cover a diverse set of portfolios and options concerning investing methods. These are carefully prepared in advance based on the form emailed after purchase. 

Finally, a solid plan of action will be set in motion, the client’s risk tolerance and preferred time span will be greatly considered in this   

We will cover all the best avenues to invest through, as well as offramp strategies for withdrawing capital. We know it can be overwhelming for businesses’ entering this brand new Industry, and we are certain with proper guidance it will be a positive experience all the way around. We also offer all follow-up consultations at half the price and a premium subscription at 100 dollars that will give our clients month-long access to our crypto experts.

*Consultants can meet over face time, Facebook, Google, and zoom. We can arrange for a phone call as well.

*Premium Package will be proposed at the end of the first consultation. This is recommended for amateur investors or clients who want to take a more active role in their trading experience and learn the nuance involved in leverage trades and the highly fruitful futures markets. The additional cost is added on respectively so if the client paid $20 then they add $80 if $50 add 50.

*As of right now we only have English representatives.  Hopefully this changes in the near future. Thank you all and God bless.


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